How COVID-19 Affects Your Holiday Promotion Strategy This Season

How COVID-19 Affects Your Holiday Promotion Strategy This Season

All of our lives have changed. From the way we interact in personal and professional situations to how we shop for our everyday needs and desires. Many Americans’ finances are tighter now than they have been in recent years. This has put a strain on small businesses and large organizations across the country. As a result this year, companies’ holiday promotion marketing strategies and holiday sales advertising will need to change and adapt.

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In order to help your business achieve a larger revenue through the end of the year, it’s important to begin thinking about your holiday promotions sooner than later. While we still haven’t seen Labor Day, you must accept the holidays are right around the corner. As soon as you blink, it’s going to be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally all of the wonderful holidays that are celebrated in December. 

Many families are not sure how large of a holiday season they will be able to put on for family and friends, but they do want to ensure their children have some sort of a celebration. Your promotion strategy and holiday sales need to be top of mind in your customers’ minds. Otherwise, other companies will be their first choice when it comes to holiday shopping. 

It’s Not Too Early To Begin Your Holiday Promotion Strategy

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Only approximately 50 days stand between Americans and November 1st each year after Labor Day. That’s right - not even two full months! An effective holiday promotion strategy that is ready to be launched without a hitch cannot be created in less than 30 days. The types of sales/promotion, imagery, landing pages, budget allocation, channels, testing, and teaser emails must all be ready to go at least one week before the campaign is set to begin. 

When business owners think of holiday promotions, they see candy canes and reindeer run through their mind. However, that isn’t always the case. Yes, these images will help toward the end of a holiday promotion campaign, but they do not need to be used in the beginning. Your holiday sales promotion strategy should not be thrown together at the last minute if you want to win over a larger part of the market. 

According to surveys, nearly 30% of Americans begin shopping for the holiday season in November. If you do not have a holiday promotion strategy aimed at this sizable audience of 98.4 million people, you are going to miss out on a number of sales. After the devastating effects of COVID-19, we know you need every sale you can achieve. 

In order to effectively market and advertise your holiday sales toward shoppers who are ready to begin buying November, you must begin thinking about your holiday promotion strategy now. When done correctly and started early enough, seamless campaigns for November and December shoppers can be created at the same time. It will ensure your brand has a common holiday sales marketing theme this year, which helps keep your business top of mind. 

Effective Tactics Will Generate Interest, Leads, and Sales

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, ecommerce sales have gone up by 77% compared to this time last year. That roughly translated to about $82.5 billion in sales this year. You cannot afford to not have a site that is optimized for your leads and allowing you to make sales. This is the era of contactless delivery, curbside picking, and shopping online. If your holiday promotion strategy is not driven by today’s buying habits, you will not be able to make as many sales as your competitors this holiday season.

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Learn How To Transition To An Ecommerce Website

Aside from having a website that can help you make sales 24/7 365 days a year, you need to implement effective marketing tactics that generate interest, garner leads, and increase your sales. This means you need a comprehensive holiday sales promotion strategy that works in your favor. 

From email marketing teaser emails and social media campaigns to website banners, personalized coupons, SMS promotions, and more, a number of ways exist to help you reach your audience. Fortunately for businesses, over 60% of Americans are willing to give away some of their personal information (such as email addresses and phone numbers) during the holidays in exchange for better holiday sales and coupons. 

Consider Additional Promotion Strategies To Retain More Customers

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In these trying times, families are more willing to spend money on local businesses, sustainable products, and companies that work with them. Capitalize on these interests in order to drive more traffic and generate more engagement through your holiday promotion efforts.

If you are in a position to offer extended layaways now, do so! With tight budgets and children that need presents under the tree, you can begin to increase your holiday sales revenue by allowing families to start making smaller payments now rather than larger payments closer to the holidays. This is one holiday promotion you can start today or in the future. Remember, the sooner you focus on becoming top of mind for holiday sales, the more you can expect to generate in Q3 and Q4.

Achieve More Revenue This Holiday Season

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the best way to help your business through the holiday season is to continue marketing. Whether you opt for an organic approach through social media and SEO or wish to follow pay-to-play methods like PPC ads, you can stretch your marketing dollar further and generate greater ROI. 

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