Digital Marketing Trends 2020

5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can Expect to See Over the Next 12 Months.

Each new year brings about new digital marketing trends that all businesses and agencies must get on board with in order to stay on top of their marketing. We’re sure you’ve heard that voice search will take over 50 percent of search queries in 2020. That statistic has been around for years, but it seems that is all anyone is talking about for digital marketing trends in 2020. 

Digital Marketing Trends 2020

We’ve compiled our thoughts and ideas for the five 2020 digital marketing trends we expect to see over the next 12 months. Some you may have heard, but business throughout St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, and beyond need to take all of these into consideration if they want to improve their profits throughout 2020.

Trend #1: Google Analytics Will Be Taken Over by Google Data Studio

There is no denying that Google Analytics is an amazing tool for business owners to better understand the traffic coming to their website. Some may find themselves checking Google Analytics more than once a day, which may or may not be beneficial. It all depends on the amount of traffic you get. Best of all - it’s free! 

However, our first digital marketing trend prediction of 2020 is that Google Data Studio will be the next big thing. Marketing has evolved from simply understanding traffic and conversions. With upselling, downselling, repeating purchases, and dropping off statistics being so vital to understanding the customer journey and your sales pipeline, new analytics tools will be required to see the full picture.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Google Data Studio is a free tool (woohoo!) that shows you all of your business data and marketing data in one place. You can combine your Facebook ad campaign data in Google Studio with ease. This would be difficult for the average user to complete in Google Analytics. You can still see your website traffic and other vital data. 

Instead of switching between multiple tools, Google Data Studio keeps you on one platform. In this day and age of always needing another hour or two in the day, this will be key in maximizing productivity.

Trend #2: Voice Search Optimization Rush

One of the hottest marketing trends of 2020 will be voice search. Everyone will be trying to hop on the voice search bandwagon. In fact, many of the typical SEO strategies will be put on the back burner while companies attempt to find and optimize for new long-tail keywords. 

Voice search is incredibly important, but spending all efforts on optimizing for voice search will not provide significant ROI. Only one result is provided when a voice search enabled device is promoted with a search query. Unless you are the top result, you aren’t going to see any benefit from dedicating hours and hours into optimizing for voice search.

Trend #3: The Age of Chatbots

Digital marketing in 2020 will utilize chat bots. The ability to connect with prospects after hours is vital. Even if you cannot speak to your prospects at that exact moment, you can create an entire conversation path and lead your prospects to the answers they desire. 

2020 Digital Marketing Trends

Setting up chat bots isn’t incredibly difficult, and many services offer them for free. The key will be to find a chatbot service that:

  • Delivers consistent results
  • Drives prospects to the answers they seek
  • Notifies your team during business hours 

The human connection is still important, so don’t think you can have your chatbot be your only line of defense. Your prospects are still going to seek out a human being to answer their questions. However, chat bots will be a digital marketing trend in 2020 you want to hop on sooner than later.

Trend #4: Marketing Automation Is Here to Stay

Marketing automation will be a key factor in your 2020 digital marketing strategy. While you may have been able to market to your prospects effectively over the past decade without turning to marketing automation, we are entering a new decade that will require it. 

With marketing automation, you can see the entire scope of your marketing efforts. From the initial contact with your prospect to their repeat purchases as a loyal customer, you will know what emails they have opened and which ones they have ignored. You can see which landing pages converted them into a new sale and where you just missed the mark. 

More important, you can automatically schedule emails and notifications to your sales team based on certain actions your prospects complete. Nurturing prospects into paying customers at the moment they are in the decision making process is vital to seeing increase revenue every quarter in 2020.

Trend #5: Prospects Expect Personalized Conversations

Digital Marketing Predictions 2020

With targeted digital advertising, everyone is expecting to see ads tailored toward their interests. Personalization is a huge 2020 digital marketing trend. You can greet customers and also show them exactly the products and services that will solve their problems/issues (even if they are quite aware of what those are at the moment they see your ad). Combined with marketing automation, targeted advertising should create one-on-one-conversations with your prospects. In 2020, every business needs to bring back the human touch.

We’re Predicting Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Digital marketing trends in 2020 are going to be far more than simply optimizing for voice search. You need to create real conversations and engage your audience if you want to convert them from casual data gathers to loyal paying customers. 

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